Listing data management

Listing data management

AdMaster™ maintains a complete company-wide database of current and historical advertising, agent, office and listing data, including images.

Listing data management is simple. Editing is restricted by access level. Once data is in the system the print ad selection process is a series of choices, governed by criteria set by each client and ensured by the AdMasterinterface.

Listing data management

AdMaster™ listing data can be input manually or via data integration from your local MLS or other company-aggregated feeds.  All listings enter and exit the database based on their status in the integrated feed, typically the MLS.

Image management

AdMaster™ stores multiple images per record and can easily function as your company's image management vehicle, distributing enhanced images to online listing sites as well as designating specific images for print publications.

While multiple image sizes are created at upload for speed and efficiency in specific applications, each image can be easily retrieved at any time in its full resolution. Watch a video.

Agent/office management

All of a company's agents are databased in the AdMaster™ system with personal information and images. This agent / office information is linked to each of the agent's listings.

Agents have access to their own AdMaster™ records, images and listings where they are able to control the information that will appear in their print ads and online venues unless those records are restricted at a higher level.