AdMaster™ pricing

AdMaster™ fees are based on a per office monthly fee that varies with the number of offices participating and the number of services activated. 

AdMaster™ print ad management services start at around $130 for a single office. For multi-office companies, per office fees go down with volume of offices and the extent of services provided. Most print management options are included in one per-office fee.

AdMaster™ Online marketing and SEO features vary depending on the type of service, all starting at between $40-$85 for a single office per month. Per office fees are reduced with volume of offices and services activated. All online services are available to all agents in an office on every listing for this low monthly price.

Cost-effective solutions can be tailored to fit most real estate companies' budgets. Our pricing model considers range and commitment of services when evaluating a specific combination of options.  In many cases, the cost of services can be supplemented through agent participation in specific online services, with payment directly through online payment.

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