Real estate agent profile video

Real estate agent video profiles can really give a potential client a feel for your personality and how you fit into the market.  Data Based Ads will work with you on anything from a 30-second introduction to a series of short videos depicting the market you serve and knowledge thereof.

Check out a sample real estate agent video

A chat with Coldwell Banker's Jennifer Ames, a $100 million real estate agent

An agent success story

Nicholas Apostal of Coldwell Banker talks with YoChicago about the effectiveness of real estate video.

A top agent talks about his success using real estate video

Introducing Amy Reynolds, Gold Coast / Streeterville rentals

Neighborhood-specific rental agent profile

Urban Living's Jeff Herbert concentrates his real state practice on the near-lakefront stretch of Lincoln Park

Building-specific agent expertise profile

Bonnie Larson of Coldwell Banker's Winnetka North office demonstrates her knowledge of the Winnetka / Northfield market

Agent market profile