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On-page SEO for your real estate website – one page at a time.

Posted by Mike Scotty on Wed, Nov 23, 2011 @ 07:51 AM

Search engines surface web pages, not websites.  For each search term you want to focus on, dedicate a web page to it specifically, with the content on that page supporting it.

That’s what the search engines are looking to fill the top SERP positions – a page that is specifically dedicated to the subject of the search term.  And, oh yes, the human searcher is looking for that too!

Go about building your individual pages with a focus on a single keyword phrase whenever you can. The more specific you can be with your keyword targeting on each page of your site, the more success you will have ranking for each keyword.

Focus on these key on-page SEO attributes to craft the perfectly optimized page for ‘Bridgeport townhomes’:

Perfectly optimized web page

It's worth noting that the above example is an illustration of ideal circumstances and that readability should not suffer due to an abundance of keyword placements.  When you make a page unreadable or contrived, you invite people to exit your site.  There is a balance that needs to occur between keyword placement and readability.

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