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Off-page real estate SEO – one page at a time.

Posted by Mike Scotty on Wed, Nov 30, 2011 @ 01:32 AM

In last week’s on-page SEO post, we talked about the perfectly-optimized web page – if there is such a thing.

Last week’s example is an attempt at simplistic perfection, based on the known, but often ignored fact that the fewer keywords targeted (preferably one) with a single page on your website, the better your opportunity to rank for that keyword phrase or phrases with that specific page.  The same goes for off-page SEO.

When cultivating inbound links to support the more significant off-page SEO, many think only of links to the home page, and don’t think enough about other key pages and phrases.  If you’ve spread your best keywords across several pages as you should, you need to attempt to support each of those pages with inbound links, anchored (anchor text) with your keyword phrases or partial keyword phrases targeted for that page.

Take our perfectly optimized on-page example from last week targeting ‘Bridgeport townhomes’ and support it with inbound links.  Much closer to perfection.

Targeted inbound links

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