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Real estate blog ideas for brokers: Home listings

Posted by Mike Scotty on Thu, Feb 16, 2012 @ 06:44 AM

Homes for sale or rent.  Consumers will stop to read about an interesting property.

homes for saleIf you’re a real estate agent or broker, you have a ready supply of blog topics.  And the keyword terms you use to describe your properties are typically all long tail phrases that are important to your website SEO thus your blogging efforts. 

Neighborhoods, property types, architects, builders, city names, local parks, even street names.  It’s very easy to work these terms into your key on-page SEO generators (titles, copy, image alt text, tags) while describing your listings.  Heck, you can even describe your competitors’ listings if there is a particularly noteworthy property on the market – why not use it to generate traffic to your site?

The trick is to make a property post interesting.  It’s best if you can find an angle to start the conversation:

  • Built by a famous architect
  • Has an unusual feature or features
  • Near a notable park or community landmark
  • Part of a trend in a neighborhood – teardowns, façade improvements, etc.
  • So-and-so once lived here, etc.

Start with the angle then work into a description of the best features.  Try to avoid making the post look like a listing description – give your readers a reason to link into the listing data.  And show just one or two of the best images.

These actual examples show how easy it is to work a listing into a blog post:

Real estate video adds a whole new dimension to property tours – and increased interest of course. More about video next post.

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