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Real estate blog ideas for home builders: the building process

Posted by Mike Scotty on Thu, Mar 15, 2012 @ 07:40 AM

There is a heck of a lot to talk about if you’re a home builder or real estate developer when it comes to your product – how it is built, why it is built in a certain way, the materials you use to build it.  Don’t assume that a potential buyer won’t be interested in the minutia of building what may eventually be their home.

Renovation before and afterSome ideas:


Start with your own history

  • What have you built?
  • Where have you built it? 
  • How has it stood the test of time? 

Your previous projects are your resume – show it to your potential boss (clients).


  • What is your specialty? 
  • Why are your homes or your product superior to your competitors’ in the category?


  • Quality subcontractors?  Your own crew?  Justify your choice
  • Quality materials?  Focus on specifics and why they make a difference.
  • Builder technique / practices.  Here’s why we don’t do it this way

Home design

What is unique about your floor plan?
  • Designer touches.  Where and how they change the look or feel of the home
  • Landscaping

Video adds a strong legitimacy when you talk about the features of your homes.  Viewers love real estate video tours of homes and models.  Before and after videos really tell a story, as do good photos.  A video chronology of a build supplies fodder for a series of posts.

A few examples:

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