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Real estate video property tours get more views, better SEO

Posted by Mike Scotty on Thu, Mar 22, 2012 @ 08:23 AM

Just as a web page’s authority and propensity to be returned in a search query are driven by factors like on-page SEO, domain rank, original content, number of visitors, and inbound links, so too are videos.

When it comes to real estate video, those SEO factors above translate to:

Video SEO –Title, description and tags must be optimized toward a focused keyword set.

Channel popularity – If you can upload your video to a channel that already has a large following, such as a local media outlet, that outlet may be grateful for the additional content as long as your message fits their mission.  A Google partner channel will work the best, as the videos from partner channels are used frequently as ‘Featured’ and ‘Related’ videos on YouTube.

Number of views – The more views a video gets, the more likely it is to surface in a blended search (video thumbnails in search results pages).  Like inbound links, the number of video views indicates relevance.

Number of inbound linksInbound links to a video are like links to a web page, as are video embeds on external sites.  They tell the search engines that people believe that this video contains relevant information.

Subject popularity – Nothing fosters viewership like an interesting subject.  And when it comes to real estate video, that subject is property – home tours, model tours, building tours.

At our YouTube channel, we now have 2,100+ real estate videos with over 2 million views, so we have a pretty good handle on what works best.  While our real estate interviews, neighborhood drives, commentary and exploratory videos have better-than-average value and viewership, property tours are by far the most popular and most watched. And of course some properties get more views than others, but it’s not always what you’d think.

These are property videos posted in the last week with view counts noted on the day this blog was posted – March 22, 2012.  Check the view counts over time.  Compare to your own view counts.


Buckingham Lofts, great living in the heart of Lakeview Central

Posted yesterday – 90 views



A dramatic 4,100 square foot River North loft

Posted 4 days ago – 380 views



Rent a bright, stylish loft in a transit-friendly location 

Posted 6 days ago – 405 views
This property was rented on day 3 from a prospect who watched the video and made contact with the listing agent.


An extra-wide Bucktown home close to Holstein Park

Posted 1 week ago – 282 views


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