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Real estate video myths

Posted by Mike Scotty on Thu, Jun 28, 2012 @ 09:36 AM

YouTube real estate videoVideo is a prevalent medium – no need to rehash the Comscore stats – you need to be under a rock if you haven’t purposely or inadvertently watched a video online this week – or today for that matter – or in the past hour.

In a world where stories, news and products are repeatedly placed in front of us in audio visual form – what keeps real estate practitioners from using video – the near perfect medium for exhibiting the attributes of a property?

It could be that you read too much advice, this column notwithstanding. Making a video is a big undertaking the first time, but it gets easier as you begin to understand what really matters in a video, and what makes a video work – and get viewed.

Myth: You need the best production quality

Of course your video should be professional.  But it doesn’t need to be a Hollywood production.  There are so many decent cameras out there for $200-300 (and less) that record HD video with good sound quality.  You’ll need a steady hand and a little practice – add a monopod that helps keep the camera steady and you’re in business.

And consider the believability of the content.  The more a video looks like a commercial – the less believable it is.  Every consumer understands that you can make a dog look like a beauty with selective photography and video production.  Consider the realism and believability of this property tour.

Myth: a video needs to be less than 2 minutes

Not so. Yes, consumers have short attention spans – for things they’re only marginally interested in. But the qualified prospects you really want to reach with your video will watch as long as you continue to give them the information they’re looking for.  Check out this post that debunks the 2-minute myth.

Issue: I’m not good in front of a camera

Well, that may be true in some cases but there are many ways around that. If you’re nervous to be on camera, just be the voice behind the camera – talking to your prospects the way you would talk to an actual live person looking at a space to buy or rent.

There is little doubt, though, that viewers are more engaged with your property tours when a live person is talking to them – it creates a personal connection that makes a realtor or a leasing agent seem more accessible – and enhances the likelihood of a virtual or phone connection by tht prospect.

Myth: I do virtual tours. Isn’t that a video?

A video file is a video file, but a slideshow of moving images, sometimes with a voiceover, more often without, has limited engagement qualities to the viewer.  They are very popular because they can be made with little or no effort on the part of a property manager or agent, and they are typically inexpensive.  Obviously, a live-motion tour is going to bring much better results.

Myth: Posting my video on YouTube is guaranteed viewership

Not exactly. The SEO factors of good video optimization, the popularity of the hosting YouTube channel, number of views, engagement, number of inbound links and video embeds in other sites all contribute to when and how often a video surfaces in search and what terms it surfaces for.

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