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Real estate video SEO doesn’t happen without engagement

Posted by Mike Scotty on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 @ 01:19 PM

Video audience retentionVideo is an SEO darling according to most real estate SEO writers and commentators. And they’re correct. Video has its own set of guidelines and placement in the search results is most often visual – with a thumbnail accompanying the listing.  You can’t beat that for search engine visibility.

But a video itself needs more than just keyword optimization in the title, description and tags. A video has to be watched or interacted with to rank with any significance.  Just putting up a video on YouTube – even putting up hundreds of videos – will not ensure you any results.  To be relevant, someone has to watch them.  In fact, many people need to watch them.

There’s a kind of catch-22 going on with YouTube. In order to rank better, you need views on your videos.  In order to get more views, you need to rank better.

How do you get your videos to rank better?

The content must be interesting

Sorry, no way around this one.  Google is looking at video engagement more than ever – and there are analytics available at your YouTube channel that allow you to see how viewers are interacting with your videos.  You can see how long people watched a video and where they fell off.  You may even have a lot of views, but if you have 10% of your audience left after 30 seconds, Google interprets this as poor engagement.

As in all things Google, the people rule. If they watch, Google likes your video.  If they watch it longer, Google likes it even more.  If they jump ship early, bad news.

Your channel must have authority

That means that most of the videos on a channel need to have consistent viewership and engagement. Typically this has to be built over time, but is certainly one of the keys to a successful video marketing effort.  Once your channel has a level of authority, videos placed on the channel reap the benefit of that channel’s relevance immediately upon upload.

Off channel social promotion – inbound links

Like other SEO categories, links to your video from authoritative sources are vital. Once posted, blogging your video(s) AND your channel, or getting others to link to them, really increases visibility.  Posting on social media is also very helpful.  6,200 viewers of our YouTube channel came from links outside the channel this month.  Social shares and commenting are very significant to relevance.  Good content begets both.

On the same note, embedding your video wherever you can also prompts views. The visual is much more enticing than a link.  Embedding your video is very easy on almost all blogging platforms, Google+ and Facebook.

Speaking of engaging videos, this video on YouTube Ranking Factors certainly qualifies, if you’re interested a full-blown explanation and a robust commentary.

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