Content strategy

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Perhaps the most difficult aspect for marketers to come to grips with is the non-sales nature of the real estate content they must create to get noticed.

Consumers typically are not looking for your sales pitch.  They are looking for a service-provider who gives them answers and knowledge, about a product class.  If you, as a business, can give a consumer the tools to make a decision, it is ultimately more likely to lead to a sale.

Typically, a prospect will see your business pop up in several situations before they make contact.  When they realize that you are giving them what they need to make a product decision, and provide them with an easy way to make contact, you will be at least one of those considered, if not the winner of the business. 

What type of content works best? 

Focus on a content strategy that helps your potential customer understand all aspects of purchasing your product or service.  Consider these ideas for real estate content.

  • Lists of availability in an area.  Include your competitors to make a list complete – but focus a call-to-action to your business.
  • What does it really cost (upgrades, upper floor condo, etc.)?  People want to know the things that they typically have to dig on separate sites for.
  • Video tours of your product with a focus on the neighborhood and how the community lives.
  • Neighborhoods videos surrounding a home / community.
  • Comparisons with area competitors.  Does yours cost more?  Justify.  Great blog post.
  • Cover a specific aspect of building or buying.  Focus on giving information.  Follow up with how you fulfill that aspect.
  • Informational graphs and lists.
  • Any and all of the above can be covered with video – offering added consumer appeal and reaching an extended audience.

All your blogs, videos, guides, lists and graphs should include identification of your company and a call-to-action.

DBA Inbound™ conceives and delivers this unique content – or helps you create it.