Keyword strategy

A keyword strategy is about first identifying your market, secondly identifying what words and phrases your market is using on the search engines, and then identifying which of those search phrases you can most effectively penetrate with your existing resources.

DBA Inbound™ will look at where your prospects are looking and the search terms that they’re using.  We’ll look at the keyword phrases you think they would use, but then we’ll verify whether enough people are actually searching on those terms to make them a viable target.

Long tail graphic

These viable real estate keyword terms are typically NOT terms like ‘Chicago real estate’.  They’re more likely to be long-tail keyword terms like ‘Albany Park townhome’ or ‘Hinsdale custom homebuilder’, or ‘Gold Coast renovation’.  If we don’t see the potential to penetrate page one of the search engine results pages (SERP) for a keyword phrase, we’ll focus on other terms.

A solid real estate keyword strategy will successfully penetrate an increasing amount of long-tail keyword phrases, which in turn will help your site gain the authority and higher PageRank that will enable you to more aggressively target the more difficult keyword phrases.

When we’ve identified the target keyword phrases / search environments you want to target, we’ll ensure that the content we create is directly related to those terms, and that the linked page on your website directly satisfies the topic of the search and gives the prospect reason to continue to search deeper into your site and/or to get a positive impression of your business.

Finally, DBA Inbound™ ensures a call-to-action on your site, and the ability for the searcher to make contact with your business.