Link strategy

A sound inbound link strategy is perhaps the most important of all considerations in any SEO effort.  A solid internal linking effort is also important, but can only partially fulfill a complete link strategy. 

Inbound links off-page SEO pie chart

Inbound links from external sites into your website are by far the most important aspect of any website’s SEO opportunity.  The search engines judge the authority of your website by the authority of the websites on the internet that have links into your site.  You cannot rank significantly in the search engine results pages without inbound links.

In simple terms, the search engine algorithms that determine how far up the page you will rank on a particular search, decide how important you are by the importance of the sites that recommend you. Makes sense, right?

When a site links into your site, it’s a vote that you have something relevant to say.  When that inbound link comes from a site with many authoritative links coming into it, it boosts your authority even more.

DBA Inbound™ has a network of authoritative sites that we promote your content on including and our YouTube channel, among others.  Because we create and promote relevant, well-read content, we not only rank high with the search engines, but many other real estate news sites feature our content, further boosting the relevance of our real estate links.  Our extensive social network activity further enhances that authority.

DBA Inbound™ has the important ability to create a significant variety of quality, relevant inbound links to client sites that enhances their authority and relevance in search engine results pages.