Organic search strategy

Organic search pie chart - 70% of clicked links are organic

Organic content generates non-paid search results.  In other words, your organic listings on the search engine results page (SERP) are there because you have developed quality, relevant content that addresses a particular subject – the subject that is being searched.

Creating relevant content that builds organic search engine rank is a long-term organic SEO strategy that pays off.  The longer you consistently add quality content online, the more pages you have directing prospects back to your site, through more search environments (translate keyword phrases).

Pay-per-click advertising can be effective, but its effects are short-term.  As soon as you stop paying, you disappear from the web.  And it’s a documented statistic that up to 75% of internet users typically avoid the paid ads on a search engine results page.  That’s no surprise, given that users know that the organic search results are likely to bring them to information – and the paid search will probably bring them to another ad.

The organic SEO strategy is similar to that of paid advertising in one way – you can determine the search environments you want to penetrate, you then target those environments through the type of content you create and how you optimize that content for search.

DBA Inbound™ specializes in finding, developing and continually refining the mix of relevant organic content and targeting your most likely customers.