SEO strategy

In today’s web-driven real estate marketing environment – nothing matters more than search engine optimization.

SEO pie chart

Search engine optimization (SEO) takes many forms and has many components.  Keeping abreast of SEO strategies and practices takes a deep commitment and requires understanding of many forces in a constantly changing SEO environment.  Title tags, URLs, Headings, page authority, social signals, inbound links, domain factors; the list seems to go on and on. These factors and more all string together to give a web page its best shot.

On-page SEO, which includes those actions you can take within your own website is the core of the SEO equation. But off-page SEO, most commonly defined by inbound links, is more challenging in that it requires the attention and cooperation of other authoritative websites in product or service category. And it is arguably the most important driver of SEO.

DBA Inbound™ is uniquely qualified to service the off-page piece of the real estate search engine optimization equation through content creation and distribution through its extensive list of real estate channels and social spaces.

Both on-page SEO and off-page SEO, done right, will make the single best use of whatever budget you have available.

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