Social media strategy

Social media is an important component of any marketing program and is a natural fit to an organic media strategy.

Social Media blockquote - 2/3 use social networksAll DBA Inbound™ content is pushed out to social venues which drive additional traffic.  Those sites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Google maps, Places, and more.  We not only push content to client accounts, but to DBA Inbound’s and YoChicago’s significant following in those social spaces.

Social signals have become increasingly significant to the search engines' algorithms as they analyze the authority and rank of your website.

Conversations on the web’s social spaces are a significant part of DBA Inbound’s client focus.  Much of the content we publish encourages commenting and we monitor and moderate all comments and interaction with our client sites. 

As a part of our social media strategy, we often comment on our clients’ behalf and direct conversations to a particular client's content, when appropriate.  Depending on the client’s wishes, we either answer and mitigate any challenging commentary on their behalf or advise the client on how to manage.