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Website landing pages need to reflect the search terms that brought the searcher there.  This is a classic missed opportunity by companies that send all web traffic to their front page, despite the fact that they may have a page that directly addresses a search term.

Check your analytics – do you have a significant bounce rate on your search traffic?  This could mean that you’re not sending your prospects to the right landing page on your site.  Or more likely, you don’t have a page on your site that addresses a topic specifically or adequately.

Any real estate website strategy needs to consider where they send their web prospects.  If your keyword strategy calls for you to rank for a specific phrase, you need to have good relevant content that supports that phrase.  A good website SEO strategy will incorporate a page that address the expectations of every keyword phrase you're attempting to rank for.

DBA Inbound™ can review your current site and identify any inbound marketing inefficiencies and address them with you as part of a keyword identification exercise.  We’ll make the match between your target searches and the pages of your site, recommending changes and/or adding landing pages to assist conversion.

DBA Inbound™ can also work with you to build a complete website that functions with all aspects of inbound marketing, lead generation and search optimization.  Starting your website building process with the marketing targets defined will exponentially enhance your site’s effectiveness as a lead generator, maximizing your inbound traffic and conversion rates. 

DBA Inbound™ can approach your website creation or revision at several different levels, compatible with your budget.

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