Real estate blog ideas and SEO

Blogging does many things.  It gives you and/or your company a voice, displays expertise and portrays a personality.  So the marketing exposure benefits are all there.

Blog graph 55But the reason most businesses take the blogging plunge is to optimize their position in the search engine results.  Blogging adds new content to your site that attracts the search engine crawlers and it adds additional links into your existing content that gives old content fresh relevance.  Blogging should be a part of any real estate business' website strategy.

Check the following pages for specific ideas for

 - Real estate brokers and agents

 - Home builders and real estate developers


How a real estate blog helps your SEO - and your business

Blog postSo you’re a real estate business owner who wants to up his SEO rankings and everyone says you’ve got to write a blog.  Good move.  But what exactly does a blog do for your SEO?  And is it ever going to be enough to affect your bottom line?  DBA Inbound says that it does both – in measured progression, but the cumulative effect can be enormous.

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