Real estate agent & broker blog ideas

As a broker or agent, you talk about your market all day to your clients and prospects. Much of what you talk about is the kind of information that most consumers would like to know, but don't have access to. You can create interest and buzz around your everyday activities.

Primarily, focus on your niche market community and the real estate activities that are occurring within that community. Remember that your prospects have let you into their social circle because they want to hear and learn about local real estate. When you share your expertise, you're building a base of trust with those who are likely to be your future clients.

Giving your prospective customers information that helps their buying decision will help you gain clients and inquiries.

Your local marketplace

You cannot beat your local marketplace statistics for driving interest.  Prospects want this information from a local expert.  Become one.

  • How is the market performing in a given week?
  • What happened that was unusual in the past week?
      • Sale of a long-on-the-market listing
      • A flurry of sales within a price point
  • How many price reductions occurred last week or last month?
      • Is this a trend?
      • Are there successes associated with price reductions? – explain
  • What type of home is selling the fastest?
  • What types are languishing?
      • What can be done?
      • What are the solutions?
  • Are there affordable homes to be had?
      • In what area of your market?
      • What type of home
  • Was it a big week for contracts?
      • How does that compare to past weeks?
      • To the past months?
      • Predications for the future
  • Is the pace of sales changing?
      • For good or for bad? (bad can be a motivator)
  • Have there been an unusual amount of open houses?
      • What does that indicate, if anything?
  • Are teardowns an issue?
  • What are common issues you are seeing with sellers?
      • With buyers?
      • How are they overcome?
      • Educate your prospects
  • What kind of issues are coming up at the closing table?
      • What should each party be prepared for?
      • Give anonymous examples
  • How can you educate sellers or buyers to mitigate issues coming up in the current market?

Local property

Property draws a lot of traffic, especially unique properties.

  • Video walkthroughs are the most popular type of real estate video
  • Have any historic or notable homes sold or come on the market?
      • Specific listings – what makes it special?
      • Why should people that might not otherwise be interested, look at the property?
  • Well-priced properties
  • Unique properties
  • Properties with a history of any kind
  • Recent rehabs
  • Fixer-uppers – give the details

Your local community

The community is an important draw.  Community posts can also contain reference to select properties that are available.

  • What are the schools like?
      • Dispel any myths surrounding certain schools with details
      • What is the real story?
  • Talk about local businesses you like and more importantly that your clients like.
  • Do video neighborhood tours - residential and business areas.
  • What are the sports opportunities for families?
  • What are the lifestyle opportunities for seniors?
  • Where does the community 'hang out'?
  • What is special about a specific park or its programs?
  • What are the establishments or events that make your community what it is?
  • Where do people that move to your community move from? Why?
  • What are some family-friendly neighborhoods?
  • What do teen-agers do in your community? What are the opportunities?
  • How has the community changed over the years? What is the change's effect - positive or negative?