What is inbound marketing?

inbound marketing quote

To understand inbound marketing, it’s useful to compare it to ‘outbound marketing’.

Outbound marketing is the strategy business has employed forever – that is up until the last decade or so.  Outbound marketing is the process of pushing your message in front of people, interrupting them in the hope of grabbing their attention.  Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, billboards…they’re all interruptive.

As sophisticated search engines have changed the way consumers look for and process buying information, people have an expectation that they can find the information they want – very specifically.

Inbound marketing is about being the source of that information – very specifically.  That requires being where the consumers are when they are first doing their research, and more importantly, providing them with the product or service information they’re looking for – not a sales pitch.

Sound pretty complicated?  Well, it is and it isn’t.  The complicated part for the marketer is changing a way of thinking.

The process of identifying your market, creating useful relevant content in several formats, optimizing it for search engines and building the website that optimizes your inbound traffic for conversion is today’s most viable use of a marketing budget. And if you have a small budget – you want to put it to its best use.

Few real estate marketers are ready to make the jump from outbound to inbound all in one fell swoop.  DBA Inbound™ will help you get started at whatever level you’re comfortable with.  We’re confident that you’ll convert when you see the results.