Real estate blog ideas for home builders and developers

Builders and developers of individual communities can talk about the amenities of their developments like the back of their hands. The trick in blogging about your community is to talk about different aspects of it without reverting to a sales pitch.

Talk about the lifestyle

Physical amenities are only part of why a prospect will ultimately choose your product. Lifestyle and what they perceive to be the future of the development will weigh heavily on their decision. A blog is a great place to shape that picture of life in your communities in the years to come.

  • Talk about the amenities, but don’t get caught up in ‘feature-itis’ (listing the features)
  • Tell how the floor plan can accommodate a young family or teenagers
  • Focus on the openness, light or the variety of uses for particular spaces
  • Talk about upgrades in how they affect the lifestyle instead of the material itself
  • If you have several models, talk comparison and how each may favor a different kind of buyer / lifestyle

Video makes a connection with prospects

Video tours are far and away the most effective way to communicate online. Blogging your videos then exposes your video to many more prospects through search.

  • Do a conversational walk-through of each of your models
  • Do a one-on-one interview discussing how you see the community growing and developing
  • Tour the amenities of the community and paint a verbal picture of what may not be there yet
  • Interview homeowners that have already moved in – they are typically your biggest supporters
      • What motivated them to buy in the community?

Community can be as important as the home

Talk about the larger community / city / neighborhood

  • Talk about the surrounding neighborhood amenities, the lifestyle, the culture
  • Talk about the nearby shopping and dining opportunities
  • Talk about the schools, the variety of religious options
  • Talk about regular events and festivals
  • Paint a picture of what it’s like to live in the area

If you’ve got financing incentives or value-added deals, be sure to mention them often, but don’t make it like a commercial – pure marketing pitches can be a real turn-off in a blog environment.

Blog / video ideas

Builder history

  • Anniversaries, milestones
      • Started with a single lot in 19xx
      • Just completed our hundredth / thousandth home
  • What is your specialty?
  • Builder experience
      • Highlight / personalize the builder(s)


  • Quality subcontractors
      • Speed, technique, longevity
      • Subs as a whole group (local?)
  • Quality materials
      • Focus on the materials
      • How do they make a difference?
  • Builder technique / practices
      • Why we don’t do it this way
      • What products do we use – why are they better
      • How does using this technique benefit you over the long run?
  • Green building
      • Green opportunities for buyers


  • Builder community involvement
      • Habitat for Humanity, etc.
  • Employee activities in community


  • Financing incentives
  • Value-added deals
  • Selling a previous home

Home buyers

  • Welcome a new family / buyer
      • What they wanted in their home
      • How you provided it
      • What motivated them to buy in the community?
  • Buyer testimonials
      • Think of specific accomplishments – ask them to talk about them
  • New homeowner tips
      • Things to think about while building / planning
  • What is the buying process / timeline
      • Existing home
      • Custom home
      • How does the decision process work?
      • When do you lock in on a price?

Home buying process

  • Helpful sales person – exceptional, why?
  • Follow-up – what level, give examples (don’t just say it)

Home community lifestyle       

  • What events take place, regularly or sporadically? Talk about them.
  • Seasons – Holiday traditions / first snow / summer BBQs
  • The perfect summer evening / fall weekend – buyer perspective

Home design

  • A unique floor plan you’ve built
  • New floor plans(s)
  • New model(s)
  • Designer tips
      • Customer interface – how and why?
      • Solve a problem
      • Designer on staff or used formerly (will appreciate the publicity)
  • Landscaping
      • Landscapers in area
      • Do-it-yourself tips
      • Recommendations

Home models

  • Video tours
  • Before and after
  • Chronology of the build


  • Limited time incentives
  • Move-in ready homes

Local business

  • Relationship with a local business
  • Number of restaurant opps within 2 miles
  • Shopping opps?
  • New businesses that add opportunity for homeowners
  • History of business climate (historical business district)

Public services

  • Schools – high quality? Close by?
  • Parental resources
      • Sports programs
      • Babysitting
      • After-school activities
  • Community services responsive?  Snow plowing?
  • Accessible highways?
  • Public transportation options / commuter rails / rail stations

Sales benchmarks

  • Closing out on Phase 1
  • Finishing a custom home
      • Time frames / level of customization
      • Which of your strong points can it illustrate
  • 12 custom homes completed last year

Work environments served

  • Where do people in the community work?
      • Business parks
      • Industrial parks