Black hat SEO - definition

Just as its name implies, black hat SEO tactics define techniques that are used to get better search engine rankings using unethical tactics or deception.

There are a myriad of practices that fall under black hat SEO, but some common examples are

  • keyword stuffing – crowding long lists of keywords on the visible page and in the tags
  • Invisible text – hiding keyword text in the code or making it the same color as the background
  • Cloaking (also known as doorway pages) – search engine spiders see and crawl these interim pages while an actual searcher will be instantly redirected to the real webpage.

Black hat SEO makes for a bad user experience, but there are many companies and sites devoted to its proliferation.  Unfortunately, it can bring results, through often short term. 

Any time you engage in black hat SEO, you run the risk of losing your search position as the search engines catch up with deceptive practices and change the algorithms, or an outright ban.

And there is the human element. You may be able to optimize your Downers Grove development to surface in a Hinsdale web search.  And a searcher may actually click your link.  But in reality, when they see your content is not what they searched – Goodbye.  Back button.

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