Internal links - definition

Internal links are the links that take your website users from page to page within your site.

It is important that a clear hierarchy of information is supported by a good linking structure – important to your users and important to the search engine crawlers.

While internal links do not effect SEO ranking factors as well as inbound external links, they are important to the user experience, through which bounce rate, average time on site and other on-site factors directly affect your site’s SERP ranking.

Internal links also support SEO through the ability to use anchor text to describe the contents of another page on your site, while enhancing that pages (and your site’s) relevancy for a particular keyword or keyword phrase.

A real estate website, in a blog post about a particular listing in Anytown, could and should link to 'Search Anytown homes for sale', 'Search recently sold homes in Anytown' and 'Check Anytown demographics'.  These phrases clearly help define the purpose of the target pages to your users and to the search engines.

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