Landing page - definition

Landing pages are just that – the page of your website that your viewer lands on when they click a link.

The key strategy when choosing a landing page is that it must fulfill the immediate inquiry of a search term or the anchor text used in the link.  A link in a developer’s blog that says “open floor plans with views” should not point to the front page of the developer’s website (  Nor should it point to the floor plan page (  It should point directly to your best example an open floor plan with a view ( Ideally that page will have links to ‘similar floorplans’.

Deep linking, that is linking into the variety of topical pages on your site, is an essential part of an SEO link strategy.

Landing page strategy is also a widely-used conversion technique in both organic SEO campaigns and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns.  Inbound marketers want to lead their prospects into giving up their contact information so that the marketer can continue to communicate with the prospect via blog, email, direct contact or other means.

The best strategies for building these landing pages are widely debated, but in most cases include:

  • Succinct copy defining an offer
  • A visual of some sort
  • A call to action (click me for information of some sort, fill out this form)
  • A lack of navigation (links) that keep the visitor on the page and directs him to filling out a form for specific information such as a downloadable file or promotion code.

Sample conversion page

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