SEO credit - definition

Also referred to as ‘SEO juice’, ‘link juice’, ‘SEO ranking’ and similar terms, SEO credit refers to a boost in the ranking factors that comprise a search engine algorithm’s ‘decision’ to rank one web page over the other on the search engine results page (SERP).

Each of the hundreds of SEO ranking factors carry some level of SEO credit when properly implemented on a web page, and the combination of two or more of those factors used together will often provide additional SEO credit.

The amount or impact of SEO credit is not measureable.  Search engines guard the elements of their algorithms and change them constantly.  Exhaustive studies have been done, however, that tell us the relative impact of certain practices.

Consider the 6 elements of SEO cited in this blog post:
Your on-page SEO opportunity – a real estate site primer

  • Each of the six elements, if used alone, will gain some SEO credit – probably insufficient to get them ranked for any but the most obscure search term.
  • All six used together will exponentially increase the SEO credit delivered to that page – may get the page on the first page of search results for some long tail search terms.
  • Add other factors, like inbound links from authoritative sites and the page may have a chance to rank on page one for more popular terms.

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