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These frequently asked questions should clarify our video practices and standards.  If not ask DBA a question through the form at the right.

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How does video help sell a property?

Video is, like all marketing, part of a larger package of marketing tools that come together to get exposure for an agent, a company or a property.

Video is a highly effective form of exposure as it gives more information in an ‘easy to consume’ format and the video itself stands out as an attention getter on a property that may not have gotten someone’s attention.

In the case of an agent, a video not only showcases a property, but showcases the agent’s knowledge and expertise as well as his/her ability to show and market property. Real estate video is also an effective listing tool for future listings.

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Who shoots your video?

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How do I prepare for the video shoot?

Our videos have the most impact and draw the most response when they seem the least scripted and prepared. We don't provide a list of questions in advance, and request that you don't rehearse. The more informal and conversational the videos turn out to be, the better.

Viewers prefer, and put more credence in, a real conversation than in a rehearsed marketing presentation.

If you falter or need to backtrack during the shoot, we can edit out any misstatements.

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I can do a video slideshow for a much lower cost.
Why would I do a live video?

Moving photography and music are an automated type of property video. They are perhaps easier and cheaper to create, but do not typically convey what it is like to live in the property or what the area around the property is like.

Our live video matches images with conversation that gives the viewer a sense of what photos and copy on their own cannot convey – usually a sense of what makes a property livable.

YoChicago does not post slideshow videos on our YouTube channel.

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Where are your videos hosted?

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Who owns the video?

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