Affiliate benefits

New ad products - new revenue

Many of our media affiliates have used Wibiti™ to build and sustain new self-service print display directory products that continue to grow revenue without growing expense

Eliminate barriers to growth

A successful directory builds on its own success. In-product directives to a self-service ordering site on the Web means more advertisers accessing and ordering print and online ad products WITHOUT added overhead.

Bring efficiency to existing products

No pick-up, no proofs, no production, no scanning, no compilation, NO give-backs. Initial advertiser self-service input to final print and online publishing is facilitated by the Wibiti™ platform.

Add Web content

A user Web page is constructed automatically from the print ad content. Each advertiser has the ability to enhance that Web content as much as they see fit, then edit the content at their leisure. No affiliate staff time is ever required.

New value to print ads

Wibiti™ Print and online ads are integrated through Web codes or directly to a URL. The print ad becomes a traffic driver to expanded online content on your Web site.

Self-service is premium service

Give your advertisers the right tools and they will work to provide exceptional content for their listings and your Web site.

Advertiser database

Automated e-mails will target each advertiser, prompting them to re-order previously ordered ads. Wibiti™ affiliates benefit from easy advertiser contact through the database.