Online data retrieval

Wibiti™ web services make online data retrieval a snap.  The system offers several ways for you to incorporate online data into your print offering.

Every self-service ad's online content is available through Wibiti™ Web services that allow you to retrieve online data as often as you like to update your Web site. The Web services have various options, but all conform to a specific ad offering.

If your newspaper Web search includes online data from several sources, Wibiti™ Web services allow you to retrieve key data pieces, with a link to the Wibiti™-generated Web page.

For companies without a Web search in a specific category, the Wibiti™-generated URL can be printed right in the print ad as part of the publishing format. Wibiti™ URLs are formatted as followed by a unique code. See This option requires no data feeds. The unique code can also be used on it's own to drive readers to a 'quick search' on your Web site.
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