Print ads

Wibiti™ offers flexible print formats that fit almost any ad you visualize. Photo display or straight text, an InDesign CS template can be built to suit.

From very dense text directories to quarter-page ads and larger, Wibiti™ is designed to collect the right pieces of data from your self-service customers, then display them in a way that works for you.

Broker ads

Broker ads come in a variety of formats, yet there are few that cannot be converted to a self-service online submission process through Wibiti™. Do you have a nightmare print ad that involves change after change and proof after proof - and it's still never right? The Wibiti™ user interface lets users change ads and make edits to their heart's content up until the deadline - without involving your resources.

Many brokers also welcome the individual agent credit card payment which takes the accounting out of their hands - and out of yours, too. And all the while your self-service advertisers are building a database of their ads - which makes each successive week easier to manage.

Brokers seeking a more complete solution to their multi-publication print and online ad integration and management should look at Data Based Ads' Admaster solution.

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