Print & online ad integration

Any Wibiti™ print ad can offer expanded content via our online integration - either to your web site or as a free-standing web page.

Each print ad can reference its expanded Web content via a Web code or a URL titled

As each print advertiser enters their print ad content via the Wibiti™ self-service interface, enough information to generate a minimal Web presence is submitted. The advertiser is given the choice to accept the minimal content as their online ad or to expand the data through an easy interface to include

  • Unlimited images with captions
  • Unlimited descriptive text with formatting
  • Branding images
  • Unlimited Web links to related sites
  • Open house times and other calendar items

All Wibiti™ print & online ad offerings allow advertisers unlimited access to their data and allow real-time updates at any time.

As an affiliate, you are able to incorporate the online data into your Web site as you see fit.

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Enhance your print ad with Web content