As each new listing is uploaded into AdMaster™, we aggregate pertinent MLS fields, along with agent remarks and put it through our automated routines that check for 30,000 common misspellings and grammatical errors. These processes also eliminate phrases that are typically found in MLS remarks sections, but would not be suitable for ad copy.

Most importantly, the resulting copy can be edited and/or rewritten by one of our qualified copywriters. We standardize copy to a select set of abbreviations that ensure consistency throughout a client's advertising.

We write copy in multiple lengths, in sizes that fit a client's individual ad specifications - from the initial extended copy syndicated to multiple online listing portals to smaller copy blocks that are appropriate for local newspapers and real estate magazines.

All AdMaster™ copy can be edited by the client online at any time during the life of the listing. Changes can be flagged for review by the copywriting staff, which will conform rewritten copy to the standardized abbreviation set, if necessary, and if authorized by the individual client.

Admaster - Copywriting
  • DBA will write copy to a client's specifications
  • Standardized style / abbreviations
  • Multiple copy blocks per listing or 'on-demand' as ads are ordered
  • All copy can be edited by the client