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Data Based Ads’ predecessor, Real Estate Profile, was founded in 1987 and besides being a weekly real estate publication, experimented in all things technical from interactive phone and fax marketing, to databases of available housing long before the MLSs went digital. Data Based Ads was the first ever to deliver an ad electronically to the Chicago Tribune in 1998.

Then and now, Data Based Ads is ahead of the curve in applying efficiencies and process to databased listing and ad management.

Our core product, AdMaster™ integrates and distributes real estate listing data in a variety of print and web-based formats from a real-time database.

AdMaster™ is the top application when it comes to compiling a real estate marketing database and integrating online data acquisition, print ad management and production, and online display and distribution, including automated social media feeds.

We work individually with each of our clients to help apply our solutions to their particular business needs.

DBA management team

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Michael Scotty

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Richard Graeber 
Chief Technology Officer

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Joseph Zekas 
Chairman, Founder

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