Organize and Optimize

AdMaster™ brings order and resource consolidation to print management, ad production and expense tracking for any size brokerage.

AdMaster™ integrates and distributes listing data in a variety of formats from a real time database. Products are managed and retrieved at a variety of access levels. High-level management and office admins can oversee group projects like specialty publications while each agent has access to his/her own listings data to order and enhance.

AdMaster™ is designed to be optionally available to all agents in a brokerage, with e-commerce solutions and expense tracking in place to support agent participation.

Data Based Ads works to provide options that can be output with absolute minimum effort by our clients. And we work with our clients to produce the output that they want or need.

We'll analyze your advertising program and/or publication project and show you how AdMaster™ can execute your ad management plan more efficiently.

Our clients find that AdMaster™ enables them to bring efficiency and cost savings through the reduction of administrative inefficiencies and the elimination or reduction of in-house ad production and design overhead.

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