Listing syndication

Web activity reporting

When our clients syndicate their property listings through AdMaster™, we feed enhanced and updated information to your choice of listing venues, including full-size images and links back to your broker website.

AdMaster's real estate listing syndication service will track views of those listings and report back to each agent via email in a listing report, suitable for submission to sellers, and also in a comprehensive report to each agent of all his/her active listings.

AdMaster™ maintains a high-level database where these numbers can be periodically evaluated at a company level.

Admaster - Listing syndication - Web activity reporting
  • Web activity reports cite stats for last 7 days, 30 days and cumulative since listed.
  • Reports emailed to agents weekly and/or retrievable online
  • Seller email option delivers reports directly to seller

Listing syndication and Web activity reporting requires a series of incoming and outgoing data feeds and typically an advertising relationship with the national portals (ZTR) which makes it most cost-effective for multi-office volume clients who subscribe to multiple AdMaster™ services.