Video – YouTube

AdMaster™ videos are generated from each listing’s images and captions to create a lively, no-effort, agent- and company-branded visual representation of each property.

Each video is uploaded to your company YouTube channel in high-definition – up to 1080p. We work with you to define relevant playlists which your listing videos are automatically incorporated into. Each video and playlist is search engine optimized.

AdMaster™ videos are automated, yet engaging and in high-definition - suitable for upload and auto-play on social networks.

Listing and agent information, along with links to relevant pages on your broker website are incorporated into the description, which is updated daily on YouTube. When the listing goes off-market, we remove the video from YouTube.

AdMaster™ video automatically maintains your complete listing inventory on YouTube.

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Admaster - Real estate video - YouTube
  • HD video posted to company YouTube channel
  • Automatically placed in relevant playlists
  • Original video file and embed code available for social uploads
  • Video description / list price updated daily
  • Video removed from channel when off-market
  • Company branded
  • All links resolve to detail page on broker website