Print ad management

Admaster Listing management, Listing inventory, Photo album

Listing data management

AdMaster™ maintains a complete company-wide database of current and historical advertising, agent, office, listing and image data.

DBA will integrate and manage daily downloads of aggregated listing data from your corporate databases and/or directly from your MLS vendor(s), with regular updates. Users may also choose to enter the data manually, in total or to augment the automated feed with content not yet available in the MLS or data feed.

Image data may come from additional sources, to augment web-based images with high-resolution photos required for some specialty publications.

Admaster - Print ad controls, parameters, allocation management

Ad controls

Every ad section built in AdMaster™ can include a variety of ad controls and parameters that eliminate the need for administrative oversight, and speed up and improve the selection process.

Only listings with specific characteristics are eligible for selection in a specific ad. These characteristics include but are not limited to price range, property type, specific cities/neighborhoods, listing office and open house status.

Additional controls, filters and sorts can be applied on an as-needed basis when selecting listings in any given session.

Admaster Ad orders, Select an ad, Select listings

Ad selection

Selecting listings for inclusion in an ad is as simple as clicking a link for that property under the publication listing on AdMaster™. Listings can be added and deleted right up to the final deadline.

Multiple offices can contribute to a central publication through ad selection at the individual office level, even at the agent level when enabled.

DBA’s client service team can facilitate complete outsourcing of ad selection, by overseeing and managing ad selection to a client's standards and rules.

Admaster ad proofs - edit in place

Ad proofs

Ad content proofs are generated in real time for every publication in a list format complete with the photos, exact content and sort order as it will appear in the finished ad.

Real time ad content proofs eliminate the need for paper proofs from the publication. Edits and swaps can be made right on the ad proof page.

The ad proofs page includes managment tools that allow the Ad Manager to view the status and communicate on-system with the agent or administrator responsible for the final content.

Admaster - Ad proof management tools

Ad management tools

Ad Managers have an array of on-system tools to speed the process of ad ordering, proofing and finalizing content for production.

The selection of tools allows the Ad Manager to communicate with the responsible agent or administrator in the manner that best suits their workflow and ensures completed data input prior to ad production.

Post-production, our Ad PDF library stores finished ads and references them via links in ad histories and Property Advertising Reports.

Admaster reports - Ad breakdown report, Ad history report


Reporting is immediate and automated. Standard AdMaster™ reports include but are not limited to New listing activity, Ad content in all its forms, ad proofs, open house reports, task management, ad history reports, ad expense reports and seller reports.


Admaster - Open house reports

Open house management

Open Houses are scheduled once.

Your company program guidelines determine whether that open house order triggers the listing to be advertised in a particular publication, flags the listing on the company Internet site as an open house, or simply holds it in reserve to apply a banner if the property is flagged to be advertised prior to the Open House event.

Open houses can also be flagged as 'Virtual' events, with links to the Virtual open house event platform.

Admaster - Print web reference, subdomain URL

Web references

AdMaster™ can assign listing URLs to each listing, as a vanity URL or a subdomain of your broker website and include it in any print ad.

URLs typically resolve to the listing detail page on your broker website, but can also resolve to individual agent listing sites stored in the listing record.

AdMaster™ also can assign tracking codes used to call up listing detail pages on your broker website.

Brokers can choose to add a QR code to their AdMaster™ application, which generates the code and allows it to be placed in print ads, signage and other applications.

Admaster - Billing, expense tracking, credit card user interface

E-commerce | expense tracking

AdMaster™ can process agent-paid ads by credit or debit card, which can take the agent billing process completely out of the hands of our broker client.

AdMaster's billing management module tracks every ad and its contents in our database. The cost of each ad page or publication can be broken down by participating agent and office.