Ad PDF management | Property ad reports

AdMaster™ can host a library of finished ad PDFs that can be accessed and referenced throughout the reporting interface.

The Ad PDF Management interface is designed to

  • Create a library of ad PDFs that are searchable and retrievable
  • Link PDFs of specific ads to the Ad history interfaces in Admaster™
  • Facilitate delivery of Property Advertising Reports to sellers via the listing agent

Uploading a PDF in its designated slot on the Ad PDF Management page will generate a link in the ad histories of the listings that are advertised in that ad. The links will appear in the ad histories throughout Admaster™ as well as reports and emails that contain ad histories.

Ad PDF management | Linked ad history reports
  • Ad schedule prompts PDF upload
  • All Ad History Reports are linked to the finished ad PDF
  • Property Advertising Report emailed to agent with each new ad
    • Suitable for delivery to sellers