Email marketing

Single-property HTML email

AdMaster™ listing data is accessible in a retrievable HTML format, which allows a user to retrieve presentation-style real estate email marketing templates and/or publish formatted ads in other online venues requiring raw HTML. The HTML email marketing format works in most email clients, allowing agents to send a visual representation of a listing by email.

AdMaster’s HTML email marketing format incorporates default links to listing detail and agent contact pages on your broker website.

AdMaster’s HTML email marketing format is also available to cite specific events like Just Listed, Just Sold and Open House events.

AdMaster™ will also push automated event-based email notifications out to individual agents as their listings are listed, sold or hosting an open house. The HTML emails are delivered right to the agent's inbox, ready for forwarding to appropriate contacts. And all Admaster emails are responsive to display optimally on every device.

Multi-property HTML email formats are also available using AdMaster's ad selection technology to build and generate the HTML code. 

Admaster - HTML email UI - Just Listed
  • Single-property HTML email code for Just Listed, Just Sold, Open house events
  • Full HTML code ready to retrieve and paste in an email client
  • Click to send to your own email account, then forward to new recipients
  • All links resolve to detail and contact pages on your broker website