AdMaster™ update: Agent-level ad ordering access

Thu, Feb 02, 2017 @ 09:30 AM

Adm5-tablet-sq-Agent-proof-360.gifCreating agent participation in company publications often becomes an unnecessary consumption of administrative resources and an ambiguous process for the participating agents. In a perhaps misguided effort to make it easy on the agents, administration often continues to take paper emails and verbal orders; then continues to go through a similar paper-bound proofing process.

AdMaster™ has always had agent-level access to listings and online marketing tools, but in recent months, we’ve refined the process of agent ordering, purchasing and proofing their single listing ads and multi-listing ad pages in a seamless online process that allows the agent to control their piece of the process.

Agents can manage their own ads in minimal time with minimal effort on any device – and administration can monitor as needed at several levels.

Ask how you can use agent-level access and ordering to lessen their and your ad management efforts.

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Mike Scotty

Written by Mike Scotty

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