AdMaster™ update: Invoice breakdown update

Mon, Oct 30, 2017 @ 07:30 AM

Adm5-tablet-sq-Inv-breakdown-360.gifThe AdMaster™ expense tracking module, known to AdMaster™ users as ‘Billing’, tracks ad expenses by putting a dollar cost on each advertised listing in each publication, then groups and sorts that data to accurately assign advertising expense to an office and/or agent.

The ad expense tracking end-game is the Invoice breakdown, which allows users and accounting management to assign ads to a publisher’s invoice, then breaks those costs down by office, including expense assigned to an office and how that expense is offset by agent AR accounts and credit card payments.

The invoice breakdown interface has been updated to make the processes involved easier and more defined. Check it out on AdMaster™ at Billing > Invoice breakdowns or see the Invoice breakdown overview.

Ask your Client Service Manager about Invoice breakdowns and Ad expense tracking.

Mike Scotty

Written by Mike Scotty

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