AdMaster™ update: New activity-based automated social media feeds

Wed, Aug 09, 2023 @ 12:00 PM

Hands-off social impact.

The best kind of impact – activity-based social media posts that reflect your business – the listing and selling of homes.

Our just-released back-end management queue allows you to monitor upcoming posts, but you won't have to. We allow you to specify up front what types of business activities you want to post – and parameters that regulate the posting volume. Once done, the process runs itself.

No matter what your posting strategy is in your social media venues – your business should always be at the core or your message – that’s what consumers care about most. And DBA allows you to consistently share sales activity-based content without the need for any manual posting.

Ask us about getting started. It’s easy and affordable.


Mike Scotty

Written by Mike Scotty

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