AdMaster™ update: Secure publisher access to your ad production files

Fri, Mar 31, 2017 @ 09:30 AM

Adm5-tablet-vendor-publisher-360.gifMany ad management system users believe that in-house ad production by the marketing or administrative staff is an ad system requirement.
Not so.

Managing print advertising can include managing the publishers’ production of your print ads, alleviating or reducing the need to staff in-house ad production departments. And there is no better way than to deliver the final structured content to the publisher than via secure access to AdMaster™.

AdMaster™ publishers see only the content of the ads in their publications, delivered in a variety of structured formats that allow the publisher to produce a client’s ads using the method or technology that best fits the publisher’s production department capabilities.

Any production department can produce ads using AdMaster™ content quickly, and most importantly, accurately using AdMaster’s production file output.

And new this year, we’re providing complete XML files that can be synced with Adobe InDesign and a pre-formatted template to produce ads in seconds, almost as seamlessly as our own production software – AdMaker™.

Current AdMaster™ clients can see what a publisher sees by looking at Ads > Ad production files.

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Mike Scotty

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