AdMaster™ update: Luxury branded print management

Fri, Apr 14, 2017 @ 01:31 PM

DBA-book-tablet-phone-luxury-600.pngMost AdMaster™ clients have an internal luxury marketing program. Admaster™ designs specifically formatted output and print management scenarios to support each clients' luxury branding. AdMaster™ recognizes ‘luxury’ listings based on client criteria – even when the eligibility criteria varies by region and price point.

Our print management options allow for specific treatment and/or inclusion/exclusion from specialty print ads and luxury real estate books based on each company’s luxury criteria. Optional participation in luxury print vehicles is supported with self-service selection and direct credit card payment through our ordering systems.

Our real-time, one-touch print brochures, HTML emails and virtual tours can all be branded with your luxury program design and presentation. Our specialty communications emails can feature your choice of market-specific criteria, including luxury open houses and new luxury listings coming to market. Customized luxury marketing pieces can get their start in the database, and then be tweaked to your agents’ requests, when necessary, saving an abundance of marketing staff time and resources.

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Mike Scotty

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