AdMaster™ update: Ad Proof Ready Alerts

Wed, Apr 26, 2017 @ 03:10 PM

New feature promotes ad proof approval tracking

Adm5-tablet-sq-Ad-proof-ready-button.gifA new addition to our agent-level access and ordering capabilities is the Proof ready alert button.

Especially useful on agent-paid ads being ordered by agents via AdMaster™, the Ready indicators

  • Allow agents to indicate to the Ad Production Manager that the ad content submitted is final. The Ready option encourages agent users to include all the necessary components (finished copy / high-res images) and complete the process so they needn’t return to complete the ad.

  • Allow Ad Production Managers to track input and progress. The Ready option gives Ad Managers an ‘approval’ system, where they can mark and hide finished content and concentrate on the listing ads that need attention as the deadline approaches.

Streamlining AdMaster’s e-commerce agent platform is the basis of several recent AdMaster™ feature upgrades including the new agent-level order process that allows agents to log in directly to AdMaster™, select an agent page option, share that page with another agent(s) if needed, create the ad, order their listings into the ad from the listing database, proof the content and purchase the ad by credit card…on any device.

On the back end, Ad Production Managers are able to monitor the progress, correspond with agents through the system to ask questions and prompt collaboration, and now use the Ad proof ready alerts to organize approval and workflow.

Clients that want to distribute some of the ad selection and proofing processes to the agent level when building agent-paid publications should talk to their DBA Client Services Manager.

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