Ad production

Newspaper magazine publishing

AdMaster™ has several options for ad production.

Publisher access

Clients can utilize AdMaster’s Publisher access to allow their publishers to access their content.  The publisher access displays ad content as fielded data sectioned and sorted – ready to populate a client-provided ad template.  This preserves the integrity of the data and virtually eliminates errors. Most significantly, publisher access eliminates in-house production costs by passing the production back to the publication.

XML and image files

Publisher access also makes XML file data available that can be imported directly into an XML-structured InDesign template, for added accuracy and efficiency.

XML file data is also available to all users - for those who want a cost-free in-house publishing option.


AdMaker™, our proprietary automated ad production system communicates directly with AdMaster™ and is our most efficient publishing option.

An AdMaker™ license is available to our clients who want to do their ad production fast and efficiently in-house, using their own production team.

DBA production

DBA will produce finished ads for any client in the form of Adobe Acrobat files that are ready to be imaged and are sent electronically to any publication just before press deadline.

DBA can produce all or part of a client's print advertising, from black & white to color, and from a local community newsletter to a full color luxury properties book.