Data Based Ads, Inc.

Data Based Ads, Inc. is a real estate software developer serving brokerage and media company clients of all sizes with print and online real estate advertising and data management through its proprietary web-based, multi-level software-as-a-service solutions.

Our core product, AdMaster™ integrates and distributes real estate listing data in print and online in a variety of innovative formats from a real time database. AdMaster™ is the top application when it comes to compiling a real estate marketing database and integrating online data acquisition, print ad management / production, online display and distribution.

Our newspaper and print media products, SmarterAds™ and Wibiti™, are used by top media companies, and include real time, turnkey solutions for creating, scheduling, paying for and publishing print display ads and expanded online real estate content.

Data Based Ads works individually with each client to apply our solutions to their particular business needs.

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