Data integration / feeds

Real estate listing data feeds

Data integration

DBA will integrate and manage daily downloads of aggregated listing data from your corporate IT department or directly from an MLS vendor.

We download photos, remarks and pertinent information about each active listing. AdMaster™ routines then cleanse the data and format it via our automated processes.

Daily inbound feeds pick up new photos, price and status changes. Off-market listings are moved to the off-market inventory for 90 days for easy access. Any previous listing is retrievable using the listing ID number.

In the absence of an incorporated feed, or when new listing information needs to be entered between daily feeds, users may manually input data directly into the AdMaster™ system.

AdMaster™ will also integrate feeds from third-party vendors you may use for listing photography, various listing codes and other applications.

Data feeds

Once the client data is in the system, DBA will send outbound feeds of the enhanced listing data to any media or portal.

Clients find outbound data integration most useful for populating edited descriptions, open houses, and print to regional or national websites, even their own broker websites, using Admaster's listing syndication.